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How to Structure Private Money Up to 100% LTC
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Speaker: Manuel Angeles

Real Estate Broker, Private Money Lender, Investor, Author, Speaker
The Art of Real Estate Debt & Equity Capital:
Learn the Proven Strategies that We and Our Partners 
Utilize to Structure Real Estate Acquisitions with 1st and 2nd
Trust Deed Investors, Up to 100% Finance with Joint Ventures

Basic Loan Structures
Most 1st Trust Deed debt lenders are only
able to lend a maximum loan amount of
~80% Purchase + 100% Rehab Costs.
Gain insight on how we structured 20% gaps
on 2nd TD utilizing private money lenders
Trifecta Formula
The three major ingredients to a successful real estate acquisition are: 
1. Properties
2. Private Money
3. Partners

Harmoniously balancing the dynamics
of all three ensures guaranteed loan closings 

3° of Qualification
Credit History is a reflection of one's ability to uphold their financial responsibilities in the past
Capital Availability instills in a lender confidence
that Borrower has the resources needed to service the debt (i.e. closing costs and interest) 
Caliber of Experience is a measurement of a
Borrower's ability to execute a property repositition
Case Studies
Position with High 
Quality Business Partners
86.2% P + 100% R

See what Developers Joe & Rene
do to raise capital on multiple
development projects
Secure Properties with
Maximum Profit Potential
93% P + 100% R

Learn how Maria acquired this property with partners who provided experience and the 15% gap on her behalf
Leverage Private Money
& Secure Up to 100% LTC
97% P + 100% R

Investor Omar discusses the importance
of having private money lenders
as capital sources for rehab draws
Premiere Case Studies
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